Back in my student days, attending Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, I never expected to become a photographer. I was just a few classes from walking the stage with a Graphic Design Degree, when I picked up my first DSLR camera. I instantly fell in love! Without a second thought, I scraped up all the change I could find and purchased a Nikon D7000.  
    A few months later, I found myself not letting go of my camera for a second. I pretty much slept with it. LOL. Between you and me, I was lost in my own world when the camera was in my hand. It was then that my hobby started turning into a profession. As I started do small jobs around the city, I saw how my work affected others - some laughed and some cried. That touched me , so I began to invest in my craft by traveling to attend photography workshops held by big name photographers. 
     I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or wish to book my services. Feel free to email or even call me at 901-674-7111! Let me document something beautiful for you!

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